Final Thoughts on Social Media

Wow, the term has come and gone already!

Over the last thirteen weeks, we’ve covered a wide range of topics including: web 2.0, blogs, RSS feeds, wikis, mash-ups, social media policies, social networking, microblogging, bookmarking, tagging, cloud computing, the mobile web, virtual worlds and online gaming. We examined how all of these forms of social networking relate to libraries, and how we, as future librarians, might make use of these sites.

I was introduced to many sites and applications in this course that I had never visited previously. My favourites were probably Mashable, Google Reader (soon to be extinct), Google Map Maker and of course, World of Warcraft! I also became more familiar with a few sites and applications that I had only dabbled with in the past, such as Pinterest and Google Drive. Moreover, I’ve also made use of more free applications on my Android phone, some of which have truly made my life easier. Blogging each week also enabled me to become more familiar with WordPress and the blogging process in general. I think I may even start a personal blog once I’m done this program!

The only website that I encountered in our lessons that I truly never want to use again is Delicious, since I did not find its interface to be intuitive at all. In my Web Design course this term, I learned that one of the main rules of good web design is to make sure visitors don’t have to “think” when visiting a site–and Delicious had me puzzled at every turn.

This term, I took two technology courses: Social Software and Libraries, of course, and Web Design and Architecture. Next term, I’m enrolled in eBooks for Libraries, Information Retrieval: Research and Practice, and Internet Broadcasting for the Public Sector. I think these tech courses will be particularly useful to me in the future since I’m interested in web librarianship. In general though, tech skills are in high demand and will certainly continue to be an asset to librarians.

I hope everyone enjoyed blogging and reading each other’s blog posts–I sure did!

Bye for now,

– Aly

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