The Mobile Web

Here is a link to my very first podcast: It’s not perfect but I knew that if I tried re-recording it, I wouldn’t stop ’til I drove myself crazy. The link is working for me right now, but if someone notices that it isn’t working please let me know!

Also, this is the article that I talk about in my podcast: The Most Popular Podcasts of 2012.

That’s all, folks!

P.S. I think I mispronounced “Gangman Style”. Forgive me 😉

3 responses to “The Mobile Web”

  1. kweb9763 says :

    Hi Aly! I enjoyed your podcast! And thanks for suggesting picsong. It was a total timesaver and really simplified the whole process!
    I also had to do an audio recording for French once and it took an absolute eternity because I wanted to get it just perfect – I feel your pain!

  2. kirstenhansen26 says :

    I listened to your podcast before attempting my own, and I must say great job! You sound very normal and relaxed, which I struggled with, and I definitely agree with the ‘not stopping until I was crazy’! I think if I was better with editing it would not have been so bad, but it took me at least 5 attempts and a lot of rewrites to record something mildly coherent.

  3. areiterowski says :

    You both did great jobs with your podcasts! Very natural sounding. Listening to my own again, I’ve noticed all my sentences sound like questions LOL. Podcasting definitely takes practice, I’ve got a new appreciation for people who do this or radio for a living

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